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Un piccolo cane nero che corre veloce con gli zoom

Cosa sono gli "zoomies"?

It's when you see your dog suddenly take off and run around the house, chase their tail or run around in circles for no apparent reason. Is it something to be concerned about? Let's find out.


A burst of energy

A zoomie is technically referred to as a FRAP (Frenetic Random Activity Period) and there are a few reasons that our canine companions will have a FRAP.


When do dogs get the zoomies?

In many dogs zoomies occur in the early morning and early evening. In more playful puppies and younger dogs, they are more common simply because younger dogs have a lot of energy that they need to burn off.

In older dogs it may be noticed that zoomies often follow a period of restraint such as after a bath or when a dog has been groomed. The frenetic zooming around is simply then a release of pent up energy following the stress (to some dogs) of having to stay still for a period or simply to dry off.

Dogs can also exhibit the zoomies after eating, long periods of sleep, relieving themselves or even when they are tired or frustrated. In these cases it's possible to associate certain activities that precede the frenetic activity in your own dog. Certain stressful situations, such as a visit to the vet, can also provoke the zoomies.


What should you do?

First of all, there is nothing to be distressed about. Even if your dog's zoomies are accompanied by the odd nip or bite, this is nothing to worry about

If zoomies occur at home in a more confined area and you're wondering what to do about these crazy little bursts of canine energy then the two best options are:

  • If you can distract your dog by engaging in an activity that they enjoy such as a long walk. Some dogs will be happy to divert their attention to that and burn off their energy in a less frenetic fashion.
  • Another option if you have a secure garden area is to simply open the door and let them have their little burst.


Zoomies are natural and normal

Zoomies are a naturally occurring part of development or dog behaviour. Most dogs will exhibit this behaviour less and less as they get older and outgrow it.

If your dog is otherwise healthy and is not going to damage themselves or your environment then zoomies are a harmless way of a dog just being a dog.

Main photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash


Does your dog get the zoomies? Was it something you found amusing or worrying? Let us know below!

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  • I have two Akitas and a rescue (possibly boxer/beagle mix). The are all 5
    going on 6. Both of my Akitas get zoomies but in very different ways. My girl, Bella, always has zoomies outside and they generally are how she signals to our mix, Trigger, that she wants to be chased, run, and play! My youngest, big boy Kuma, gets the zoomies in the morning after we’ve had a nice walk and they’ve eaten breakfast. He will run and jump up on my bed and rapidly spin in circles. We’ve turned his zoomies into play time where I pat the bed and pretend I’m going to ‘get him’ and he darts from side to side as I reach for him. Eventually, he dive bombs my face with kisses and then I give him some love and he lays down. We do this a few times a week!


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