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What We Do For Resellers

Canny Collar packaging

If you like our products and wish to become a reseller, we'd love to hear from you. We believe in providing our partners with quality dog training products supported by eye-catching point of sale material to keep your customers (and accountants) happy.

We receive many enquiries from dog owners eager to know where they can purchase Canny products so we are always on the lookout for businesses that reflect our own commitment to quality service with top products.

We don't expect you to stock our products and simply hope for the best. We continually engage in marketing and promotional activity such as social media promotions, trade and consumer press advertising, exhibitions and regular discount offers to create product awareness and actively help you grow your business.


5 reasons to sell Canny products

Great products

The Canny Collar was voted ‘Best New Product’ by the UK pet industry when it was first launched in 2006 and little has changed since. It was the first dog head collar to be introduced into the UK market that controlled the dog from behind the head and has since inspired several copycat products using the same idea but without the same effectiveness, quality of workmanship or loyal following. But don’t take our word for it, this is what dog owners say about the Canny Collar.


Great margins

We believe in not only offering our partners a great product but also giving you a great margin, making it more than worthwhile stocking our products. Good margins are healthy for the whole pet trade, incentivising retailers, distributors and wholesalers to get 100% behind the product. We also take steps to guarantee that Canny products are not offered for sale at discount prices that undermine both the brand and your efforts.


Product guarantee

Canny products are manufactured to such a high standard of workmanship that we will happily replace any item that fails through a fault of manufacture. No questions asked. No quibbles. Better still, as product returns are rare, we will deal directly with the customer so you don’t even need to become involved.


Eye-catching point of sale

When you stock Canny products, you can also take advantage of our range of point of sale material including brochures, display units, posters and a model dog head on which to display the Canny Collar. For retailers with internet access, our YouTube channel has several videos showing the effectiveness of the Canny Collar on difficult dogs, how to fit and use the product plus a short video on the inventor, Brian Smith.


Charitable donations

You may also be interested to know that your product sales help fund our donations to rescue shelters all over the world, giving abandoned pets a second chance in a new home. We also regularly donate products to volunteers organising charity dog shows, raffle and competitions.

If you wish to enquire about becoming a Canny products retailer or if you are an existing customer wishing to place an order, please contact us below. You can view and download the Canny products catalogue here.

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