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Entrenadores de perros con los que trabajamos

Dog trainers we work with

The Canny Collar is the preferred training aid of many dog trainers and training schools worldwide. Check out how professionals believe the Canny can help your dog.


Bruno Sagué, EFICAN, Madrid, Spain

Bruno Sagué de EFICAN

“After 10 years working with all kinds of dogs, I haven't found anything that helps owners to train their dogs not to pull better than the Canny Collar.

As soon as you get used to using it, it becomes absolutely essential.”




Karen Baxter CPDT-KA, Good As Gold K9 School, Mt. Albert, ON, Canada

Karen Baxter of Good As Gold K9 School training a dog

“I am a professional dog trainer certified by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and have worked with thousands of people and their dogs. The biggest challenge most owners have is walking their dogs!

Finding a tool to help people, that did not inflict pain yet allowed the dog the opportunity to learn, was next to impossible...until I discovered the Canny Collar! The Canny Collar changed the way we work with dogs who are leash reactive, persistent pullers, or over stimulated by their environment. The pressure/release functionality of the collar gives the dog information and helps them make different choices so they can learn.

Thanks to the Canny Collar, our student dogs can navigate through the human world without pain or discomfort!”

Good As Gold K9 School


Cheryl Kubista APDT, IACP, AKC Canine Good Citizen, SAFER evaluator. Dog Talk Toledo, Woodville, OH, USA

Cheryl Kubista, head trainer at Dog Talk Toledo

"I have used the Canny Collar for over 15 years now. I have several other head halters and prefer this one hands down.

I love using them with my clients because they are so simple to use. All that is needed to correct pulling is to lie the leash on the dogs shoulder when they are walking correctly and give a slight correction when the dog is pulling.

The Canny Collar is very user friendly and when the slip line is used off the nose, there is still a nice solid collar attached to the dog to maintain control. I highly recommend the use of this training collar to anyone training dogs."

Dog Talk Toledo


Julie Speyer, Owner & Head Behavior Consultant Canine Foundations, Barrie, ON, Canada

Julie Speyer, Owner & Head Behavior Consultant Canine Foundations, Canada

"Canine Foundations is a private mobile behaviour consulting company that specializes in treating fear, phobia and aggression. We switched from the Gentle Leader to the Canny Collar seven years ago when we were astounded by the results. Dogs who lunged and pulled on leash while wearing the Gentle Leader, Halti and even Prong collars not only became controllable but learned to heel to a flat collar within months of starting on the Canny Collar.

Since then we have been shipping the collar in from the UK for our clients and the various rescue organizations we work with, all the while keeping our eyes peeled for new products that may trump the Canny Collar in effectiveness. To date, we have yet to find a product that works half as well as the Canny Collar.”



Lisa Berkenstock BS, CVT, CPDT-KA, My Pets Teacher, Rockledge, PA, USA

Lisa Berkenstock, head trainer at My Pets Teacher

"When I recommend a head collar, it is important to me that the dog is as comfortable as possible and I have seen dogs more readily accept the Canny vs other head collars.

I personally lean heavily on positive reinforcement and negative punishment when trying to modify behaviors but I weigh risk benefit in all situations and use negative reinforcement and positive punishment when I need to recommend a head collar.

I emphasize that owners cannot just put it on and away they go. They must positively classically condition their dog to wearing it so that at the end of one week, the dog is comfortable and has a positive emotional response to it."

My Pet's Teacher


Lynne Patterson, Dog Care and Adoption Supervisor, Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood, ON, Canada

Lynne Patterson, Dog Care and Adoption Supervisor, Georgian Triangle Humane Society

“A challenge that every Dog Shelter has is getting each dog the walks that they need while keeping their volunteers safe. This is no different for the GTHS and a tool that has helped tremendously with that is the Canny Collar.

This effective walking tool not only allows each member of our Dog Pack to get the much needed time out of kennel and the exercise that they need. It does it while being gentle on their bodies. It also gives me as the Dog Care and Adoption Supervisor peace of mind that our dogs are out in our community happy and safe. The Canny Collar is our ‘best friend’ here at the GTHS!”

Georgian Triangle Humane Society